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Functional Training

What is functional training?

Functional training refers to training that mimics movements that most people use for daily living. These movements are multi-planar and generally occur while standing on 2 feet. Functional training prepares the body for general physical preparedness in everyday life. Those that can benefit from this type of training are broad in spectrum: from the mother who needs leg strength and flexibility to pick up a newborn child, a construction worker who picks heavy objects from the ground, to the elite athlete who must be strong, agile and powerful moving on his or her feet.

Why should I train this way?

Functional training is training with exercises that are foundational to human movement. This includes squatting, bending, lifting and pressing. These foundational movements are general, inclusive in scope and require minimal amounts of equipment. Functional training can help prepare the body for an increase in aerobic power, increases in overall body strength, and work capacity. Changing how the body fundamentally moves and works can help strengthen joints, ligaments and bones. Training functionally has also shown to decrease both the amount and severity of injuries caused by improper mechanics and may even serve to strengthen and repair existing injuries.

For more information on functional training and its components please seek the professional advice of a personal trainer.

Safety tips

  • As with all exercises, functional training requires strict adherence to form, mechanics, and load.
  • If you are unsure about proper form and frequency in your plyometric training, consult a personal trainer.

Exercise Search

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