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Welcome to University Recreation On-Line Exercise System. This system was developed to help users learn new exercises and perform the exercise correctly. You will also find as a new addition to this site, each piece of cardiovascular equipment that is located in the Student Recreation Center along with a description and video demonstration of its use. To learn more about using the site click on the link below or select "Using the Site" from the menu on the left.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance is important to overall health, and training for cardiovascular endurance can greatly improve quality of life. There are many variations of cardiovascular endurance training, and some risks to be aware of. It is important to understand the benefits of cardiovascular endurance exercise, the risks associated with this activity, and guidelines for getting started.


While often neglected by busy fitness enthusiasts, flexibility training is an important component to overall fitness. Flexibility training is one of the most important ways to prevent injury. It is important to understand both the proper stretching guidelines and the risks associated with flexibility exercises.

Functional Training

Functional training is training with exercises that are foundational to human movement. This includes squatting, bending, lifting and pressing. These foundational movements are general, inclusive in scope and require minimal amounts of equipment. Functional training can help prepare the body for an increase in aerobic power, increases in overall body strength, and work capacity.

Plyometric Training

Plyometrics are dynamic movements that can yield tremendous benefits, especially for athletes. However, to avoid injury it is important to understand the risks associated with performing plyometric exercises.

Resistance Training

Resistance training includes many activities designed to create physiological adaptations to the muscles of the body. It is important to keep in mind both the proper guidelines and safety concerns when engaging in any form of resistance training.

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